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Pictures Worth a Thousand Words

March 21, 2014

test_8C copy

I shot this picture yesterday evening. I do not have one picture with ALL of my babies in it.

This shot best represents me as a mother.

Ryley was the oldest, he was our first baby, born at 13 weeks gestation. We delivered him at home.
He was born March 3rd, 2004

Trevor our little miracle dude was born whole, happy and healthy June 2005

Hannah the miracle  Princess was born healthy and sassy August 2006

Timothy was born at 19 weeks into my pregnancy in May 2012

Daniel was born at 16 weeks into my pregnancy in May of 2013

and I am currently pregnant with baby “Healing” due the end of July this year.


I am just in love with this picture. Through my last two losses especially, people have told me how strong I am. I never really figured out why they said that or what they meant but when I see my losses through the eyes of this picture I feel a bit stronger. I feel strength. I see crazy love. I feel proud of all of my babies. My heart doesn’t hurt as bad.

One Comment
  1. Beautiful! I love this picture! You definitely have a beautiful strength. I am so sorry about your losses…praying you have a safe and healthy pregnancy (and baby! )

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