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UTMB is just terrible

January 15, 2014

I wish I could write a review to them or something I am so angry.

With my thyroid disease I have been trying so hard to eat a modified paleo diet. I fail because I am pregnant and sometimes just have to eat what I can get to so I don’t get sick, but I always suffer when I eat something bad.

I try to be soy, dairy, sugar, gluten and grain free and I always try to avoid gmo’s


So I took this one hour glucose test. Didn’t know I had to take it, I stress ate a horrible breakfast and didn’t pass the glucose test. Now after researching it and learning it is corn and gmo corn at that, I don’t want to do the 3 hour test. I told them that I have reactions when I eat corn but they said they can not offer me any other options. IF I was allergic to corn then they could find another option though. What does allergic mean to them? My throat has to close up? I get puffy and swollen and my stomach gets really upset when I have corn. How is that not an allergy? But its not severe enough they wont give me another option to check my glucose.

They guilt me and try to make me feel like a bad mom but I just cant do it. I cant take the three hour glucose test. I have never had glucose issues and this is my sixth pregnancy. They are focusing so much on this glucose and not paying attention to my THYROID, the whole reason for my losses, my dosage needs to be adjusted and they wont do it. This place is evil and horrible and I do not know how they can call themselves doctors. It just makes me mad. Pisses me off.

Obamacare is making it so hard to get fully approved for state insurance and I cant look for a new doctor until that goes through. So I am stuck in this crap hole praying that this baby doesn’t die too. I feel angry and helpless.


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