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Healing Cross Journey

January 14, 2014

So in part of 2013 and all of 2013 I started a photo project. I wanted to use my photography for healing. I wanted to take pictures of something that would remind me that God knew my pain and that I was not alone in my grief so I started taking pictures of crosses. Here is a small portion of what I captured last year. It was quite a healing journey for me. Crosses and sunset were good stuff for my soul. I will post the sunsets in another blog this week.

1 copy

2 copy

3 copy

4 copy

5 copy

6 copy

7 copy

8 copy

9 copy



12 copy

13 copy

14 copy

15 copy

16 copy

17 copy

18 copy

19 copy

20 copy

21 copy

22 copy

23 copy

24 copy

25 copy


26 copy

27 copy

28 copy

29 copy

30 copy

31 copy

32 copy

33 copy

34 copy


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