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Moments that take your breath away.

November 10, 2013

I go about life fine and dandy.

I have worked through my trials, I have struggled with my faith and worked through that.

I can talk about my trials with a weird sense of peace.

Life is good.

And then one moment happens

Out of the blue

You don’t expect it

and it hurts.

This time it was baby dedication weekend at New Hope Church.

This is the one we should be bringing Daniel to had he been born alive and well.

We should be standing up there.

We should be dedicating our baby.

We should be feeling that joy and excitement.

But I just sit here and hide all the pictures from my newsfeed.

I delete people.

I crawl in a hole

I like my hole.

It protects my heart.

I will go back to being fine and well again real quick but for the moment…. it sucks. Sometimes Im still just pissed at my circumstances and hold no hope for another baby in my future. I count my blessings, enjoy every moment, live every second to the fullest. Life is short and I want to have no regrets. My Heaven babies taught me that.


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