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September 18, 2013

I want to love Texas and I try everyday. I do not like it one bit. You know……the only reason I love it? My amazing husband and kids are here. They make life fantastic no matter where we live. We will be here forever, and as much and I miss the things I hated in the PNW, I can find happiness here because my precious people are here. I don’t have to like Texas to love my life. God led us here and blessed my husband with a great full-time business here, we can’t just throw that away on a whim to move back north. No matter how much I want to.

So here we stay.

Texas is ugly. Where I live is anyways.

I have to find beauty in the sky, in the tiny little flowers and the weird crazy trees. Otherwise I don’t find beauty in the flat open area of Texas that I call home. The tiny details of beauty help hold my sanity. lol

I have struggled with hating Texas for a while now. I wanted to move home so bad it started causing some issues between me and my husband but God helped me fix that attitude. I am thankful for the security and blessings He has given us here, and if He ever wants us to move back I gather that He would make it largely obvious to Matthew and his business.



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