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Rise Above

August 8, 2013

She had to grow up before it was time,
Childhood innocence gone, it was such a crime,
Responsibility no child should have,
Fears and worries no child should know,
She was called names and abused,
She just wanted to go,
She wanted to escape,
To find a happy place,
to come to a point in life
Where she could wake up with a smile on her face,
She took care of her sister
At too young of an age
She wished that she and her mom were on the same page
That her mom would be home,
Be the mom, be nice and sweet
That she wouldn’t live in fear
It would’ve been such a treat
As she grew
She began using drugs to cope
to escape and feel numb
Life was hard
and she had a baby young
Just sixteen years old
Maybe it was her way out
Or so I am told
She moved out on her own
Two kids and her guy
To live more struggles
And to always wonder why
Why did life end up this way
Years have passed now
Things have changed
I pray she looks back to see
Those hardships and pain
Those things are the key
They have formed her into this beautiful woman
Strong and thoughtful and wise
She can do anything
She needs to keep her eyes on the Prize
Keep Jesus number one
He will use Your pain to impact lives
He will restore your heart
He will renew your mind
He will ease the bad memories
and give you a new start.
Use your lives hurts to help another hurting girl
Turn the bad into good and rest in Him
I love you dearly ❤


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