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No Good

August 7, 2013

Wallflower, bookworm, nerdy girl, shy
She had so much potential
To spread her wings and fly
Her confidence didn’t exist, she felt defective
A reject, no good
To her mom, she never did anything right
She was never good enough
Everything was always a fight
She was always on edge, worried, scared
To the kids at school she was the poor kid
With big glasses and ugly clothes
Not worth their time
No matter what she did
Her life was a struggle
Each day some pain
Wondering is she will ever feel joy again
The ignorance of childhood gone
The moment her hope disappeared,
Jesus swept her up, held her close
and her sadness He cured
He told her she had worth and meaning
and beauty in His eyes
She decided on Him is where she needs to be leaning
Forever safe in His grip
Each day a little bit of confidence came back
Her heart was restored
Things came in where she had lack
He gave her a voice
He healed her heart
He gave her meaning
From Him she will never part.



From → Family, Jesus

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