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First Day Back At School

August 5, 2013

We decided to try a new curriculum this year. Last year we did My Father’s World. We liked it but it had way too many hands on activities, it seemed we skipped a lot of them. This curriculum, The Heart of Dakota seems to be a happy medium. They use living books, there are some hands on activities but not a ton and it usually is from things that you have around the house. It is working out so well for us. It also requires little prep work. They break each day down into boxes like this:


Everything is laid out beautifully. It really takes the scare factor out of teaching your babies. We add extra art and piano practice into the day as well and it takes us about 3 hours to finish the whole day. I adore this because it leaves so much of the day for the kids to be kids and PLAY! We don’t bog them down with sports and lessons and extra classes. I want them to be carefree kids as long as possible. Nowadays I see too many little kids so very over-loaded with extra activities and are left with little time to be kids.





This is how we sing out multiplication facts. Booty in the air and p.j.’s on!









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