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June 29, 2013

Trusting God
Is easy to say
But harder to do
it all the way

Finding peace
Giving it all to Him
Trusting completely
Even when things look grim

Once you get there
The freedom is sweet
But the journey
is no easy feat

Trials come
Your faith is tested
Give it all to Him
He is invested

He cares for you
He feels and loves you
He wants the best
And to be a part of all you do

Keep your focus on Him
He will carry you through
Keep Him in your sight
In all that you do

Life won’t be easy
Things won’t always be nice
But God will hold you
And He won’t think twice

He will be with you
When you’re mad and sad
Through the good times
He carries you in the bad

He knows your heart
Sees all of your tears
He can calm your storms
And ease your fears

Put your trust in Him
Hold on to Him tight
Keep your eyes on Him
And all will be right


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