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June 27, 2013

I haven’t blogged like usual.

I have been deep into my photography and sewing and crocheting.

But my mind has been in an internal struggle.

If you ask anyone they would say I shouldn’t get pregnant again. Its not worth the risk. I agree. I don’t think I could handle another loss. Buuuut the dilemma lies here. What do I do. I can’t get my tubes tied. Going under anesthesia again isn’t an option for me unless it is for a life or death surgery. I will never get an IUD again, been there done that and it was horrid. No birth control pills with my borderline blood pressure and the risk of blood clots. And every other option out there is just not for me. So I know, even with charting my cycles and all of that jazz, I will probably end up pregnant again at some point. But I will be doing my best to avoid without using hormonal birth control.

Anyways, that is where my struggle is right now.

My cycles are no longer regular. My thyroid/goiter is annoying and I know it is making my levels super wacky. Things are just so unpredictable.

Giving it to God and praying for peace.



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