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Father’s Day

June 14, 2013

Mother’s Day sucks for me. I do not want Father’s Day to suck for Matthew.

I want people to give him a hug or tell him a stupid joke or make him smile.

I want people to remember that while he has two kids here to celebrate with, he also has three boys in Heaven that I know he thinks about. He pictures. He imagines. He wonders. He thinks about where they would fit into our family, how they would be, how they would look, how old they would be.

Remember on Father’s day not only your dad and special guys in your life but also remember dad’s with babies in Heaven because dads grieve too.

Too many people ask Matthew how I am doing and rarely ask him how HE is really doing.

Dads grieve and feel and hurts just as deeply, even if they don’t outwardly show it.

Our pastor mentioned something this week about guys and how they don’t really fall in love with and bond with their baby until it is born. That is not the case with Matthew. He was that small percent that fell head over heels in love with him babies. He started thinking about their futures and lives. He prayed for them and loved them just as much as he loves our two here.

Anyways just remember those extra special dads this weekend

Also remember those amazing people that have a daddy in Heaven this Father’s Day. I am so thankful to have my dad here and as each Father’s Day rolls around I feel sad that Matthew doesn’t get to call up him dad and wish him a happy day. His dad died far too soon. We should have had so many more years with him! Matthew can’t call him or fly out to visit him on Fathers Day anymore. Its sad! So many beautiful people out there have a twinge of sadness as they remember their daddy and want to call him but can’t because Heaven doesn’t have a phone.



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