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Prayer Mountain

June 7, 2013



I can not say enough how healing and peaceful Prayer Mountain is for me. The catch for me is to be out there at sunset.

Park at the base of the hill. Begin your walk up. Turn off your thoughts and plug in with God. Hear the wind, feel it caress your face. Fix your eyes on the cross. Get to the top and stand next to the big cross. Close your eyes and feel the wind, hear it, and just breathe. Connect with God. Thank Him for that cross. Thank Him for the promise of Heaven. Now step back a bit. Look at that cross with the beautiful sunset behind it. The sunset that God makes new every single day. Each color and each cloud different and perfect. Thank God for His true artistry. Take it all in. It is breathtaking. Take a picture because you will never see that sunset again. Tomorrow it will be new. Now take any burden, any load and go and lay it at the foot of the cross. Don’t pick it back up when you leave. Lay it there and leave it there. Leave Prayer Mountain feeling renewed and refreshed and closer to God. Walk back down that hill and thank Him for such a lovely place. Notice the sunset reflecting over the still waters in front of you and smile.


That is Prayer Mountain for me.


It Is Wellsmall


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