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Lifes Blessings

May 30, 2013

I know people mean well, so don’t feel bad if you have said this…….

But I get annoyed when people tell me to look to the good in my life and the bad wont seem so bad, and to cherish the kids that I have here with me.

I cherish my kids. Trevor and Hannah are my miracles. They are absolute blessings and I cherish every second with them. But guess what?? My babies that died……..they were my children too, they are also amazing blessings that I was forced to miss out on. I love my boys that died as much as I love Trevor and Hannah. I love all of my kids the same but in different ways. So don’t tell me to forget about my precious baby boys. I cherish every second with my kids here but my heart longs for my babies too. It is something that you can never change.

I am happy, and I am blessed. I can be happy and blessed and broken-hearted at the SAME TIME!! Crazy right. And I can be sad and not be suffering from depression. I am allowed sad days and I will take them whenever the darn tears creep out of my eyes.

Done venting.

I am off to sew some tiny buntings to donate to the hospital for miscarried babies. That will be my sewing and crochet focus because it seems (as I just experienced) that miscarriages get treated with little respect compared to stillbirths or very late-term miscarriages.


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