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It has been a while

April 12, 2013

I have not blogged in quite a bit.
I have been keeping myself busy, too busy, so I have not even had time to sit down and gather my thoughts.

I watched Dr. Phil yesterday and it made me thankful for my life and how it has turned out. This lady and her husband lost a baby to miscarriage, stillbirth AND an infant death and then their two year old was molested by a family member. They marriage was hanging on by a thread. She wanted him to grieve like she was grieving and to talk about it and cry, etc and he wanted to shove it down and be strong and try to move forward. I see this happen so often in relationships that have had loss. The fights that happen are often because the woman thinks the man doesn’t care as much as she does. She thinks how he is grieving is wrong. I have been through two big losses and I have accepted how Matthew grieves and he has accepted how i grieve. I think that is one reason we have never fought in the midst of trials because we both respect how the other copes.

I have seen too many marriages fall apart over loss and it breaks my heart.

But it makes me so thankful for what I have. My sweet husband is the most amazing man ever. He is my Superman. Always will be. My kids will see a picture of Superman in a magazine or something and say “Hey, there is daddy!!!!” So he is their Superman now too.

On another note, build your husbands up ladies!!!! If you appreciate something about your man, TELL HIM!!! I try to tell Matthew daily how amazing he is to me, because he really amazes me daily, if I am thinking it, I might as well tell him and bless him right?? Speak life giving words to your man, don’t nag. Dont have to always have things go your way or be done your way.

Ok that is it for now 🙂


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