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March 12, 2013

I just need to blog about this because it has been on my heart.

I love my husband so dang much!

I have seen personally from friends and people through facebook, relationships come to an end due to baby loss. Husbands blame the wives, wives become bitter towards husbands for not grieving the way they think they should.

I am thankful that through two losses Matthew and I have never had any issues. He has never blamed me or my body for his babies dying, he has never made me feel like less of a woman or anything of the sort. Some days I may feel broken, but my sweet Superman has never made me feel that way. I take a while to grieve, I cry, i blog, I journal…….Matthew gets a good cry or two out and then he wants to not talk about it and move forward with life. He still grieves on the inside but that doesn’t mean he needs to show it on the outside. I always respect how he has had to grieve and he always respects my crazy tears.

I am just so thankful that through every hard time we have banded together and not pulled away from each other. It has made me fall more and more in love with him. It has made us stronger and more solid. He is such an amazing guy!

So I guess my point is that if you are going through a hard time, your spouse is not the enemy, they are the closest to you therefore the easiest to hurt. Be careful. Remember that you need to come together and not apart in the tough times. Hang on tight to each other and when you get through something tough you will look back and see how you both have grown so much!



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