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Grandpa Bud

March 9, 2013

Wow. I almost didn’t realize it. My sweet grandpa Bud died 12(?) Years ago today. Gosh its been so long! If you never got to meet him, you sure missed out. His smile lit up the room, his faith just shined out of him to everyone he encountered. He could sing beautifully and he could whistle like a songbird. He was hilarious!! Always had a joke to tell or something funny to say. He was a jack of all trades. 
I neglected to spend time with him as I got older and when he died it was something that I regretted so much. I cried out to God about it and He gave this this dream, it was just me and my grandpa walking and talking for what felt like hours. Someone told me that God was giving me that much needed time with him in that dream. That is something I will never forget.
His funeral was packed. So many people came. So many lives he touched, so many fun memories shared. They played a recording of my grandpa and uncle singing How Great Thou Art at the funeral. My grandpa sang at his own funeral. What a surprise! I can still hear his voice singing that song.
Anyways. I miss my grandpa!! I know you McCoys that read this miss him too 🙂


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