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February 17, 2013

Addiction scares me. I grew up around many addictions. Drugs, alcohol, and the one that got to me the worst was gambling. Hearing that all of the money that we lived off of was gone and it was the first of the money still. Wondering how we would eat or pay bills. Gambling is an evil all consuming thing…..or at least it can be. Some of my family gambles responsibly and some do not.

Once an addict always an addict right? I used to be addicting to marijuana. I can’t smoke an occasional joint and not get hooked on it again. That’s why I stay far away from it.
Sooooo if you had a gambling addiction in the past don’t you think you should avoid gambling and casinos now so that you don’t fall back into that addiction??

Gosh. I am so annoyed.

I feel a little better getting that off my chest though.

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