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Some really meaningful gifts to buy the grieving family.

February 11, 2013

I got a few gifts the mean the WORLD to me. When you have someone that you know going through something terrible like a baby loss, you may feel helpless and not really know what to say. Get them a heartfelt gift.

Here are a few that I found to be gorgeous!

This personalized name plate is gorgeous. Even if they didn’t name the baby, maybe putting s nice quote on it would still mean a lot.

I got something similar to this from a  good friend and I cherish it. I cried when I got home after she gave it to me. I got one with 4 “eggs”  two for my babies here and two for my babies in Heaven. It is a beautiful reminder to them that they have a child, even if the child may not be here with them.

They don’t sell baby loss cards. They should. In every Hallmark store. Maybe they do, I just haven’t seen them. This Etsy store has some really beautiful cards specifically for baby loss.

I have a thing for butterflies, so this one caught my eye too and the poem is so beautiful.

Anyways I think it is such a beautiful gesture to give a gift to a momma/family that has just lost a baby. It validates that baby’s life. It shows the parents that you recognize that baby as one of their children, a valued and missed part of their life. Too often baby loss parents can feel overlooked, or feel like their loss is not important.

There are many beautiful items on Etsy, you can find them by simply searching baby loss!


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  1. Your compassionate presence and kind smile must be a most precious gift.

  2. Aw this is lovely. I am writing a book called the idiots guide to helping a woman through childloss (a lot of my ideas are on ukstillbirth) on here. But, I wrote the other day how much it means to us, for us to feel that someone else is thinking of our baby.Just those things can mean so very much. We shared our baby in pregnancy, and for someone to think of them afterwards really does mean a lot. Personal things, and I know how much we treasure them too. Someone gave me a silver heart shaped box, we collected white feathers in there, which were everywhere. I still have it, and it still means the world to me

  3. PS -I LOVE butterflies too!!! They really remind me of my daughter, I have lots in my house. A few on her grave – and whenever i see a butterfly it reminds me of her. Sending you a hug!!

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