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Some peace added back to my heart.

February 3, 2013

We went out to Sonic and went to the cemetery to eat “with” Timothy.

Matthew decided then and there that today was the day to get the plot in order and lay some mulch and make it pretty.

All that we are missing is a bench which will come soon!

Here are some pictures of the process.

My superman did a great job of taking care of his baby boy’s plot.

No daddy should ever have to prepare their child’s burial place though.


(Ok this looks like a random snapshot to most people….. but everytime I go to the cemetery and look over at that building all I see is that green tent set up and those chairs and that little coffin sitting there. That is all I see when I look in that direction. All I remember turning that corner to park is just losing it…..turning that corner and losing it. )


IMG_2576smallMatthew had to dig 4 inches down all around the plot.



IMG_2601asmall IMG_2612asmall IMG_2613asmall IMG_2639asmall IMG_2642asmall IMG_2643asmall IMG_2654small IMG_2656asmall IMG_2659asmall IMG_2660small IMG_2661small IMG_2662asmallThe end product is just beautiful. The grave marker is gorgeous, the plot is pretty and my heart feels at rest now. My baby has a pretty place and a pretty marker. It breaks my heart when people don’t get a proper grave marker, they are just so darn expensive!!


My kids like going to the cemetery. I think they find comfort in seeing the other markers that show where other babies are buried. I think it hurts them less to know that other families have had babies die too. They talk about it often. Today was a long hot successful day.


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