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January 23, 2013

So I started a photo project on People That Inspire.

It will be a long project because it takes some real thought. I did one session for that so far.

My next session for that will be my dad.

He will be coming here in May and I will be taking pictures!

My dad is amazing.

He had split from my mom (long story) and when he got re-married, he not only continued to take care of us, but also the new family he had. He worked full-time plus over time so often. He worked so hard. When is second wife left, he kept his head up, he remained positive and funny. He always has such a good sense of humor. He has so much strength. He is so positive. His attitude is contagious. He makes me want to be better. Everyday that I want to whine or complain I remember my dad. He doesn’t do that. He works hard, he always looks to the good, he lives life to its fullest and tries to enjoy every minute. He has a deep appreciation for nature (which I love) and a love for football (which I try to understand!! lol)

So my dad inspires me to be better.

And I will post some good professional pictures sometime in May, but until then!

197927_10150205992296352_931235_n 198463_10150178604846352_6300514_n 317491_10150416639416352_1592961464_n


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