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Why I Don’t

January 20, 2013

Here is a few socially acceptable things that I don’t do and why I don’t do them….


I do not gamble because I grew up with a mom that had a bad gambling problem. Bless her heart, I love her, but if I am completely painfully honest, she was an addict. I remember one day she spent the whole child support check (which we lived off of) on about 15 minutes at the casino. Came home and said “I didn’t win but at least I had fun”. So gambling is 100% out of the question.


My mom also liked to drink (thankfully she quit!) But she drank a lot. I remember too many times waiting up until 2am to be sure she got home from the bar ok. Too many times with her up puking and sick from too much booze…. too many times calling all the bars in the phone book trying to find her. Alcohol can ruin families.


I don’t cuss. I just don’t find it edifying or beneficial. Now 90% of the people I am around cuss now and again. I do not judge. I am convicted of it, others aren’t. God convicts hearts differently and that is ok!

Name Calling…..

I grew up being called dummy, idiot, moron, peon….. and on and on. Those names stick with you for the rest of your life. Those names mold and shape you and define you and it takes a LOT to break free from those names. I will NEVER call names…. especially to my precious babies.

Pot Smoking……

I used to be a big pot head. Sooooo I can’t and won’t judge. I just know what it did to my lungs and I am pretty sure smoking it at the young age that I did, I lost a wee bit of brain cells. Now I know a bagillion people that do it and I love them dearly and would never think a shred less of them. I have been there done that and it is not for me.


Me and Matthew do not fight. We DO NOT fight. I grew up around WAY too much fighting and it is scary and tramatizing for kids. I will never raise my voice or fight in front of them. Thankfully Matthew and I have learned each other so well, that we know how to not fight. Whatever we do, it works. Our kids will be able to grow up and say that mom and dad never fought or yelled. We disagree but always with love and humor.

I am sure there is more, but this is the main bulk of it. My childhood was interesting to say the least….. but I do not want for it to repeat itself in my kids, so I had to make the choice to stop it all. To really fix my eyes on God and try to be the kind of woman, friend, wife and parent He would want me to be.


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