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I Can’t Unlike Someone

January 14, 2013

Ok, so I love my mom. I really do…..

Well she was with this man for YEARS, like…….for quite a long time. He was a dad figure to me in some really trying and vital times. He has never wronged me or hurt me, he has always been there for me. Well since my mom and him divorced, she wants me to have nothing to do with him and just pretend like he did not exist.

I CAN’T do that!!!

You can not unlike someone. You can not erase years of relationship.

It is humanely impossible.


And she wants me to have the relationship that I have with him, with her new husband.

that won’t happen either, I have never even met her new husband face to face yet!!! The relationship I have with her ex took years to build.

It is just such a simple thing, in my eyes, to understand…….but bless her heart……she just doesn’t get it!


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