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January 9, 2013

I watched Parenthood today on Hulu.

It totally broke my heart.

I was so sad for Drew.

I hate abortion.

I hate that a teen girl can get pregnant and just go and kill her baby without her parents knowing and without any regard to the other half that created the baby.

I get it, it is the womans body.

I think every woman should have the right to make the choice on their own.


the man should also have somewhat of a say in the matter. Especially if he really wants to keep the baby. It is absolutely heartbreaking to think that a man could want the child, it is part him, and he is already in love with the child and thinking about the future and then the woman gets to just end that babys life without giving him any kind of a say.

Adoption is such a beautiful option for a healthy woman that does not want to keep her baby. It would a) give the man in her life, or his family an option to possibly keep the baby or b) bless some special family that can not have babies of their own.

Adoption is amazing.

That choice needs to be pushed so much more.

It is a GOOD choice.

An honorable choice.

A mature choice.


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