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January 7, 2013

So we have not been to our church in quite a while.

I love the church, I love the music and the message, but after we lost Timothy, it no longer felt like family.

It really makes me sad.

There is nothing wrong with the church, it is just me.

Haha, that sounded like a breakup “It’s not you, it’s me.” But that is the truth.

I love the more contemporary style of church but I think due to the size it loses some of the close knit feel. especially to those that have not joined into a small group yet.

I love the smaller churches that rally around you in hard times, that all pull together when someone needs help, that really feels like a true family. I love the fact that in smaller churches they actually become an extension of your family.

Our Saturdays now have become dedicated to family time since Matthew works so much during the week.

Since Timothy died I really realized how much more time we need to invest in each other and in making memories. So our Saturdays now involve the zoo, the park, museums, movies, etc.

So we go to a sweet small church and the people are just wonderful, the music and message are also always just fine, so there we will stay until God leads us on.

We will go back to the big church here and there when we can, simply for Trevor and Hannah, their kids program is excellent, but otherwise our Saturdays will be filled with family and memories.


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