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Blessing unexpected

December 26, 2012

So I was unpacking some more boxes and came across my old cd holder thing. It contained lots of old music cd’s. I was going to toss it when a disk caught my eye. It said kids sideshow on it. I run to the computer and put the disk in and hold my breath……could it contain some of the pictures that were stolen??? So it started to play and it was pictures of my kids newborn to two-ish years old. Pictures that I thought I would never see again…..I instantly lost it. My kids thought I was sad but they were crazy tears of joy. I never thought I would see those precious pictures ever again so for them to be playing right in front of me…..overwhelmed me. I can’t thank God enough for blessing me…..this disk was 5 years old with not a scratch on it. Its perfect! Now I have to go through and pause the slideshow on each picture and take a screenshot and paste it into photoshop and then save it. They are low quality and kinda blurry but I will thankfully and gratefully take that over not having any of these happily…..I am so thankful.

It was a great Christmas gift from Jesus!


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