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Recent News and Merry Christmas

December 25, 2012

So we are crazy and decided to move around Christmas-time. Everything was going well and then our apartment that we were moving out of was broken into. Well rewind…… we had movers come and haul out our big items, it was pouring down rain, hard, so we waited in the car. We didn’t realize that they took the fridge out the sliding glass door and then did not lock it. So we locked the front door and paid no mind to the sliding glass door. For days. Then we came back this weekend and realize that our brand new computer is gone, the desk and mouse and keyboard too, who cares…… the drill and drill bit set is gone…..whatever……dvd’s and games are gone….. whatever…..BUT my portable hard drive with ALL of my pictures is gone too. Every single picture that I have ever taken. Pictures of my baby in Heaven, pictures of ancestors, pictures of my kids as babies, pictures of trips and scenery and memories. So many pictures all gone. I have recovered some via flickr and facebook but they are all watermarked and web sized. Better than nothing I guess.
I know i know. I should never keep that drive near the computer, I should back up online, blah blah blah, please don’t tell me what I should have done, I know what I should have done. I was just preparing to do that once we moved and got settled. Too little too late.
I am disgusted with the human race. I am so sick and sad that people would steal from people who work hard for what they have. GET A FREAKING JOB!!! Learn to be content with what you have and then God might give you more.
I have prayed and prayed and begged for that drive with my pictures back, we filed a report with the police, I left a nice little note on my front gate to the idiot that stole from us, I contacted the news….. but no luck.
I am just devastated.
But I am thankful that Matthew has taken so much video of the kids over the years and that we still have all of those on dvd’s. So while the kids won’t have many pictures of them at all they will have video. All is not lost, but I am still crushed. All of those memories, all of my beautiful nature photography. All of my photography things (thankfully only forms and things) everything is gone.
I am mad.
But things could always have been worse so I am thankful.
I pray that those people break in somewhere else and they get caught and get thrown in jail for a very long time. That is the nicest thing that I can pray right now. I am sure my attitude will change, but right now that I where I am at. I know there’s other ways to look at it but I am not there yet 🙂

So all that aside, we are in our new place, it is gorgeous and quiet and lovely. We are unpacking like crazy and enjoying every second of each others company and praising God for our health and for each other. I would not want to be anywhere else…. I am bubbling over in blessings with this amazing family of mine. Through all of the crap that we have been through this year alone, let alone the 10 years we have been married, we can always seem to say that God is good, so we are too. In the good and the bad, He is always good and He is always with us, He always loves us and He never leaves us.

So this Christmas, count your blessings, remember Jesus, He was born to die for us, He lived and then died so that we might live. Remember Him in the hustle and bustle. Thank Him for every breath, for every bite you eat and every gift you open.

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