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Homeschool vs Public School

December 8, 2012

Not all people are cut out to homeschool. Some days I wonder if I am one of those people. Sometimes I whine and complain about homeschooling. But I am very thankful that I get to do it. I am so thankful. Now someone said to me the other day when I was whining about being so busy around the holidays, school kinda gets the short end of the stick “Is public school really that bad?”  My answer.


Public school is not like it was when I was there.  Kids did not get bullied when I was in elementary school. It just did not work that way. Now, kids get bullied in kindergarten. 1st and 2nd graders are talking about sex. 5 th graders are having sex and starting to mess with drugs and alcohol. It is ugly.

Then you always get the response “If you raise them right, they will make the right choices, they will have to be exposed to the bad in the world sometime”

My answer:

They will have to be exposed to the bad in the world at some point but not when they are SIX and SEVEN!! I can and I will shelter them from the bad in the world as long as I can. I was them to retain their innocence as long as they possibly can. I want them to think that we live in a safe a perfect world as long as possible.  They are my precious blessing and I want to shelter them from the ugly in the world as long as possible so that when they are older and they go through something ugly we can sit down and really discuss it and they can understand.

So, yeah, I shelter my kids.

They have friends, they do schoolwork. We go places and travel. They explore outside and sometimes I let that be their science. Did you know that Hannah watched a snail poop the other day and then watched it happen again. She learned a lot of things about snails just playing outside and observing them. Trevor listens to me read while upside down on the couch and Hannah on the floor with her butt up in the air. They go stir crazy if I make them sit at the table. I tell them to imagine sitting at a desk all day. Not fun!


Anyways. I homeschool because it is right for us.

If you see us taking the day off here and there, don’t worry about their education, we homeschool through the summer too and through most public school breaks. We are good 🙂


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