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7 Months coming up

December 1, 2012

We are working on 7 months…. .making our way through this strange journey.

I can say that I am ok. I am blessed and doing pretty good.

I can also say that I have given up all hope of ever getting pregnant again, and you know what?? I am ok with it too.

I guess I have the peace that you get when you really give everything over to God.

It is all in His hands and I am cool with that no matter how life goes.

I look at my Superman, my amazing husband…. my sweet T-Man and my little princess and I am blessed.

My heart always will have a scar, there will always be two pieces of my heart that are chipped away but the peace of God covers those scars and chips and keeps me going, so that I do not waste one day, one second of this life…. life is too short to be sad. I don’t want to be grief.

I am changed and the new me has arisen.

Grief changes you, just don’t let it define you.

Work through it, don’t live in it.

I still have issues…. but God knows them. I still hurt but God has it. I still shed some tears, but God catches them in a bottle. He is enough. He is all that I need.


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