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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month Day 27

October 28, 2012

Ok…..this “do” today stems from something that came up today.

Do remember that the grieving parent will have some crazy emotions, may even have some anger towards people that you do not think they should be angry at….or harbor bitterness that they dont want to let go. Don’t address it with them until they are ready. In the midst of a loss, you need someone to blame. As long as the couple doesnt blame each other, leave it alone…..

I have been harboring unforgiveness and a lot of bitterness.

Towards the doctor… who knew our baby died yet sent us on our way….who wouldn’t listen to my concerns about my throwing up and my thyroid… who passed me off as some stupid girl

towards “friends” that weren’t there for me like I needed them to be

towards church when it just didn’t feel like family any longer

towards perfect strangers that can just pop kids out and then whine about how much of a burden they are….

towards my body for failing me twice

Tonite I just took it all and laid it at Jesus’ feet.

I have learned from it and will never forget but I won’t carry it around anymore….

I share that on this day because my irrational feelings and thoughts eventually worked themselves out (today) Be patient.


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