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God Moment from Photography

October 28, 2012

Ok so I was reading this amazing photography book.

I have yet to do the assignments in the book but it is just full of such good information. Anyways, I stumbled across something that I really liked. It says “As humans, we move in the direction of our most dominant thoughts.”Now as I see how this applies to photography, it really applies to life as well. We need our thoughts to always be fixed on Jesus and His word so that our life and our actions can move in that way and not in the way of the world.

It also says “Make photographs of nature and it will deepen your love of the outdoors, Take pictures of surfing and it will broaden your appreciation of the sport.” I also love how this applies, what goes into us changes us. We take pictures of nature and learn to appreciate it more…… we spend time in the Word and in open contact with God all day and we learn to trust and love Him more.

Just had to share because it was another awesome God moment that made me smile

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