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Church Family

October 17, 2012

I love that church family is not defined by church membership.

I continually am thankful for my church family in Texas City. I am thankful that Timothy had an impact there. They remember him. They recognize him as a life and a precious child. They recognize that I am still hurting. They reach out and offer support. They remember important (to me) dates. They sacrificed their Saturday to come to Timothy’s memorial service, which still means the world to me.Without their support I would have been greatly let down and disappointed.
I see where small churches struggle, but their greatest strength is that they feel like family. Especially in times of trial. Big churches sadly lack in that area.
Big churches can’t be there for one hurting person or they will have to be there for all and that’s often a lot of people. So I get that its not feasible…..I understand…. but it still leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

So I am just reflecting on the last five months and am glad that I have had good christian people reach out and love us through this heartache. Membership at a church doesnt mean an awful lot to me anymore……. people with compassionate hearts means the most.


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