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Blessing on a bad day

September 30, 2012


So today I got to church and things were going fine. I was holding it together well 🙂 Then we had to sing It Is Well With My Soul. That song gets me every time. I almost lost it. My eyes were clouding over with tears but I managed to keep them back. Well Todd closed the service and mentioned us and Timothy and I lost it then. It was so unexpected for anyone to remember or say anything. Todd has been so thoughtful though. He has always acknowledged Timothy and his life and the impact that he made here. I am thankful for Todd. Well after church Virginia came up to me and handed me a bag and said she knows what today is and she was thinking about me. Well I opened it in the car and LOST it. I open up a little blanket. Blue with BUTTERFLIES. On it it says in memory with Timothy’s name and date. I seriously had a crazy good cry. It was EXACTLY what I needed to make this crappy day better. I will cherish this blanket forever. Such a simple gesture touched me so incredibly deeply. God works through people and I hope everyone can see and recognize that. It amazes me because we aren’t even members of this church but they have reached out to us like family. They have helped us and been there for us more than anyone else. I am thankful for First Christian Church of Texas City.


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  1. Kari Walker permalink

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ve been exactly where you are, although both times were many years ago. Because of that length of time, I can tell you that it does get better, and you will eventually find yourself going a whole day without feeling the crushing grief that comes with the loss of a life before it has even had a chance to get started on this earth. At some point, you will even be able to think about Timothy being at Jesus’ feet without tears coming to your eyes. Those times won’t happen overnight, but they will happen. Until then, know that so many people are lifting you and your family up in prayer every day (including me).

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