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The Power Of Words

September 23, 2012

So tonite was going good at church, I had missed two weeks so I was just getting back in to the swing of things.

Then we were singing and then it was the shaking hands time and then that cry lump in my throat sprang up and worked its way out. Annoyingly I tried to choke it back for the rest of the song but it did not work out too well. My chin was quivering…. and sadness just hit me.

I stepped out after the music to regain my composure. Then a friend asked how things were going, all I can think is “I hope they can’t tell I just got done crying.” Who knows! They cared and wanted to check in though. I appreciate those moments.

After the baptisms my sweet friend talked with me a bit and let me talk a bit about my sweet Timothy and what we have going on the next couple of weeks.

She then prayed for me, right there! The real kicker for me was that she prayed and used Timothy by his name. So many people will say your baby or your loss but she said Timothy. It just confirms his life, he was my son, he is my son, he has a name, he was here, he existed. It means the WORLD to me when people mention Timothy or Ryley by name, when people ask about my loss or my babies, when people genuinely care.

You can tell when someone asks how you are and they really want to know or if they just are saying it in passing and don’t really care.

Anyways, after that sweet prayer with a friend and her giving me some perspective I started to feel a lot better. I walked to my car and got to see a spectacular sunset. So what was a sad evening for me ended up pretty peaceful.

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