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Bobble Stitch Dish Cloth Pattern

September 15, 2012

Bobble Dish Cloth

use 100% cotton yarn

Chain 36

Row 1- Single Crochet in each chain across (35 stitches?)

Row 2- Chain 1, skip the first stitch, single crochet in the next two stitches,  in the next stitch work your bobble ( Wrap your yarn over your hook like you are going to make a double crochet, draw up a loop through the stitch, wrap your yarn over and pull through 2 loops, do this 4 times total and on the 4th time you are pulling it through all 5 loops instead of just the two.)

Row 3- 7 – Single crochet in each stitch across

Repeat this order until the washcloth is 30 rows across or whatever size you would like.

To make a scalloped edge along the sides, you want to slip stitch in the first stitch, make FOUR double crochets in the second stitch, skip the third stitch and slip stitch into the fourth stitch, then four double crochets in the fifth stitch, keep repeating around and make a slip stitch to join at the end.

Take a needle and finish off all of your loose ends, be sure to make it secure as your dishcloth with be doing lots of scrubbing!

30 rows = 10 inches x 7 inches with the scalloped edge

You may sell the items made from this pattern but please give credit to Stacy Todd.

Please email with any questions, and please mail me a picture of your finished product! I would love to see them! This pattern is 100% created by me and I strive to make each pattern and item unique. If this pattern resembles anyone else’s it is sheer coincidence and is in no way a copy. I work each pattern up myself as I create a hat.

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