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Aviator Crochet Hat Pattern

September 15, 2012





Use a 6mm crochet hook will make a 6-12 month size.

Use 2 strands of yarn crocheted together

Chain 4 and join with a slip stitch to form a ring.

Chain 2

Foundation Row-   9 double crochet in ring, Place stitch marker (move with each new row)

Row 1-                  Make 2 double crochets in the chain space and in every double crochet around. – 22stitches-

Row 2-                 One double crochet in the first stitch, 2 double crochets in the second stitch, and repeat that pattern around to the stitch marker. – 33 stitches-  (skip row 3 to make a newborn sized hat)

Row 3-                 One double crochet in stitch one, one double crochet in stitch two, and two double crochets in stitch three, repeat pattern around to stitch marker. – 43 stitches-

(to make teen-adult size hat make an additional row here of one double crochet in stitch 1-3 and then 3 double crochet in stitch 4, and repeat this around to your stitch marker and then move on to rows 4-11)

Rows 4-11-            One double crochet in each stitch around

Row 12-                 One double crochet in each stitch around until the last 12 stitches.

Brim Flap:

Row 1-                 Finish off those last 12 stitches with one double crochet in each row, chain 2 and turn

Row 2-                  One double crochet in each of the 12 stitches across, chain 2 and turn (for larger hats repeat this row until the brim, folded up is as long as you would like to have it)

Row 3-                  One double crochet in each of the 12 stitches across and then continue down the one side of the brim.

Single crochet in the next 2 stitches (creating a space between the brim and the earflap)

Earflap     ** One double crochet in the next eight stitches, chain two and turn. Repeat 6 times from ** (7 rows for the earflap or make more rows for a larger hat, or for your own personal preference)

Double crochet down the side of the earflap and slip stitch at the bottom stitch between the earflap and the beginning of the hat.

One double crochet in each stitch the next 10 stitches.

Repeat the ** for the other earflap

Change colors and loosely single crochet all around the hat, when you get to the brim of the hat triple crochet across the brim instead of single, and slip stitch in the stitch between the base of the earflaps and the hat.

Finish off and weave in the yarn ends

Sew the 2 buttons on with matching thread, sew them on the brim that you fold up

You may sell the items made from this pattern but please give credit to Stacy Todd.

Please email with any questions, and please mail me a picture of your finished product! I would love to see them! This pattern is 100% created by me and I strive to make each pattern and item unique. If this pattern resembles anyone else’s it is sheer coincidence and is in no way a copy. I work each pattern up myself as I create a hat.

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