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Crochet tidbits

September 5, 2012

I love to crochet. I get in this zone and I don’t hear when people talk and my mind just shuts off and I just crochet. It is crazy, but it is so relaxing. It is my escape. I have been crocheting a lot more lately. Here are some of the more recent things that I have made.

This is a knot headband, I guess more like a bow headband/earwarmer. I LOVE how it turned out. I made it last night while we watched t.v. I am making a gray one with a flower tonite. It is going to be really pretty. I made this for a friend. I made her one last year but it was too big. She swears she has a big head….i think not!! lol.

These I made a little while ago for Hannah. She never worse them though. They are barefoot sandals. They are fantabulously cute! They will fit a girl from 2-5 years old though. They are perfect for the beach but we never go to the beach!! Like ever! These were a creation off of the top of my head. I never really use patterns, they confuse me. I would rather confuse myself and figure it out myself.

This is one thing I actually made for myself, an infinity scarf is what they call it i think. I got this yarn when we were in Santa Rosa, CA. I try to get yarn at every cool place we go to and make something from it. So this yarn cost me $20. I am keeping this for myself because if I sold it, it would be expensive!! I hope to wear it this winter, or whenever it decides to get cold here in Texas.

Super cute newborn headband with a green and pink flower. I made this just simply to sell. No special reason at all.

These washcloths are AMAZING, I am beyond hooked on these and will never buy washcloths from the store again 🙂 I have made myself like 5 sets so far. I am going to make some bigger “towel” ones too.

And this is for a friend, she is taking her kids to Disney and will surprise them with this hat on their new baby brother. Such a cute idea!

So crochet has really helped me get through a lot. I think I am crocheting more to get through this month, this month has already been horribly hard for me. This is the month I am supposed to be due, I should be really pregnant right now, this month is when the grave marker came and it is sitting on my kitchen table. Waiting for our appointment to get it set in the ground. This month just sucks. So I am praying and I am trying to change my attitude and I am trying to find one thing good or positive to cling to and I am trying to focus. I do school with the kids and that grave marker is just staring me in the face reminding me that my son is dead. Gosh. I am thankful though, I am thankful that the first face he saw was Jesus, I am thankful that my kids are old enough to remember this and never forget their brother, I am thankful for things like crochet that really soothe my heart and calm me down, I am thankful for my husband and his love, I am thankful for his silliness and fun nature. I am thankful for the love and laughter inside my four walls here at home. I am thankful that even when the world lets me down, my family is always right here and they always love and care. I would love some prayers this month and for the upcoming holiday seasons…. it is a hard road but it is my reality so I will embrace it with a thankful and sad heart, keeping my eyes on Jesus. I think once we get through this month things will start to feel better, it will all finally feel final…. all of the loose ends will be tied up, my sweet boy will have his resting place here for his body completed.


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