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It Came on the Mail

August 31, 2012


So this is the grave marker. Forever In Our Hearts. I had to include butterflies on it. When we lost Ryley God sent a butterfly to me one day. I don’t think it was my son, but the butterfly hung out with me while i was sad and crying. I got a rush or peace and calmness with that butterfly. I think God sent that butterfly to tell me everything was going to be ok. After Timothy died we went for a walk as a family and I was taking pictures. I was trying to get a butterfly picture but they all kept flying away. Well one stayed and it stayed for a while and I got the same peace as I did with the other butterfly and I got a few good pictures too! So God used butterflies to bring me peace. I love LOVE butterflies! They make me smile. So while my heart hurts today and i have shed some tears I am also filled with peace and am thankful.

I am sad that I will never hear my son cry. I will never get to spend sleepless nights up with him. I will never get to hear his first words. I will never get to see those first steps….so many things I will never get….breaks my heart….but im so thankful the first face my son got to see is Jesus. He got to skip this nasty world and go straight to Heaven.


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