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August 30, 2012

Six years ago…… six years ago I checked into the hospital to have a c-section. My sassypants was breech. I was terrified.

Well rewind to the previous day……the doctor told me to prepare for a c-section because Hannah had not flipped into position yet. I prayed, I asked all of my friends, everyone I knew to pray.

So….back to that morning, I checked in for my c-section and they decided to check me once more before I go in to see if Hannah would flip. Well guess what, she flipped in the middle of the night obviously. The doctor said whatever you did worked!! I was able to tell him that all I did was pray. I told God about my fears of a cesarean and begged for me to be able to avoid it.

They decided to keep me there at the hospital and induce labor. They did not want to send me home and have Hannah flip back.

So I was induced.

At this hospital they did not offer an epidural… 😦

So I braved it …..until about half way through, and I got a spinal something which lasted for about 2 hours and then back to no pain meds…. It was so funny when it came time to push I was freaking out, I was yelling at the doctor that I couldn’t breathe and she stopped and bugged her eyes out at me and hollered back YES YOU CAN, BREATHE!!!!!!

Anyways Hannah arrived here that evening. I had a newborn and a 14 month old. What a crazy journey I was about to embark on!! What an amazing blessed journey. I am so thankful for my sweet Hannah…..


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