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Benefits of Juicing/Blending

August 22, 2012

I want to say that I love juicing!! I was motivated by watching the movie “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” on the way home from our roadtrip. I highly suggest everyone watch that video. It is eye-opening.

I love juicing because I can get in my fruits and vegetables that I need for the whole day. On a typical day I would not even come near the amount that I should be eating but I can juice and get that and then some.

I also love the fact that since I started juicing I have not had a single migraine!!!!!! That alone is worth it.

I have also cut out all refined sugars, breads and red meat, also anything with soy in it.

Not only do I no longer have migraines, I have lost 7 pounds, I have more energy and I feel really good!

The only thing that I can say is TRY IT!! What will it hurt?

At first I drank a juice for breakfast and lunch and I ate a hearty salad for dinner. Now I have added back breakfast or lunch and still try to juice for one meal and also have a juice with a meal. I am still losing weight, a little bit more slowly, but I still feel good.

Oh I also love juicing because I consume veggies that I would not normally eat like BEETS!! I made the best juice and it contained beets and I hate them but the juice was amazing!

I hear so many people say that they couldn’t juice because they love food too much. I love food too but now I love food that heals and nourishes my body and I hate food that kills my body, it may not be immediate death but bad food are slowly killing you whether you like to admit it or not!!Your health and your life depend on the food and drink that you put into your body. Take care of yourself, if not for you, do it for your kids!!


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