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Why Do I Homeschool??

August 21, 2012

I have had a horrible two days of teaching the kids. I question WHY?? Why am I even doing this?? Why not just stick them in public school and I could have the day to myself…. with no stress.

But then here is why I do it.

10) We get to sleep in and start when we want, and take breaks when we want

9) My kids are not confined to a desk, they can lay on the couch upside down and do school if they want to.

8) We can do school in our jammies if we want to, saves money on school clothes/supplies too!

7) I get to spend time with my kids, I get to see those lightbulb moments when they finally get what I am teaching, I get to see their milestones and not miss them.

6) No Fundraisers!! Haha I hate those

5) My kids can socialize with kids of all ages and adults too. They are not constantly around kids their age picking up bad habits. They get plenty of socialization during the week in other ways.

4) We can take breaks and vacations whenever we want and adjust school around it.

3) God and the Bible ……HUGE part of our schooling!!

2) The kids get to see their daddy more often, he works into the evening often so they get to see him in the mornings which is a blessing.

1) It is pretty amazing despite all of the stress and craziness!!


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  1. I think I need to make a list of why I am going to homeschool and review it daily, or maybe hourly some days. 🙂

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