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A Day To Remember

August 20, 2012

(Posted this to my other blog yesterday, but since I can not access it, I am making a new blog!)

Today is a day to remember. Someone started this to honor all babies gone too soon and to make this silent grief a not so silent one anymore.

To let people know that I didn’t have a sad thing happen to me. My son died. My child. A life that I loved as much as all of my kids….I did not love him less because I didn’t get to see him live. I love all my kids the same 🙂

Losing a baby shouldn’t be a silent grief anymore. People should ask those grieving families how they are doing…. remember special dates…. Include their heaven children when writing a card. If my friends and family included Ryley and Timothy in everything too……it would make my heart smile.

Women…..of you have lost a baby, don’t be silent about your grief. If friends and family wont listen then start a blog. Get your story out there. Be candid about your struggles and hurts. It will help you but might help others as well. Don’t let anyone rush you through your grief and never be sorry for your tears!!

Timothy was born too soon 3.5 months ago. I should be delivering him in a month….but instead will probably be seeing his headstone getting put in and bringing flowers to his grave. I should be holding a newborn but my arms will be empty. It sucks but its my reality.

I praise GOD that He has literally carried me……and still is….through this. My son died. My heart is painfully raw but my God is GOOD and I will praise Him always… all things.


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  1. I can’t even imagine losing a child. When I can imagine it I want to puke, sob, or cry out. I lost my father when I was 19 and it feels like a piece of you is missing. Not that you can’t go on and God give you strength, but there is a piece of you missing. I’m sure it feels like your heart was ripped out, then put back again with a hole in it. I think it was a book by Jerry Sittser that says losing someone close is like having a part of you amputated. He has wrote some amazing books if you like to read. Jerry Sittser lost his daughter, wife, and mother in the same car accident. Two books that are great are: A Grace Disguised and When God Doesn’t Answer Your Prayer.

    • Thanks! I am going to check those books out, they sound amazing. You really hit the nail on the head there……exactly how you explained it. You heal and move forward and everything but there is always that something (someone) missing.

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